Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief from Your Fountain Valley Chiropractor

At Neck & Back Pain Specialists Clinic, it’s right there in our name: we know neck pain. We also know that neck pain and back pain go together, and pain or discomfort in the neck is usually related to problems that also affect the rest of your back, spine, and entire body. That’s why every Fountain Valley chiropractor at our clinic is passionate about diagnosing and treating neck pain correctly. Our all-natural neck pain and whiplash treatment options are designed to fit your needs, so that we can get to the source of your pain and provide actual neck pain relief.

Common Symptoms & Types of Neck Pain We Treat

Neck pain comes in many forms and severity levels. Sometimes it happens gradually, and sometimes it’s the result of a sudden and specific event. You might experience neck pain that throbs occasionally, or neck pain that limits your mobility all day every day. Whatever your symptoms, our chiropractic team will work with you to understand them better.

Some common types of neck pain include:

  • Neck stiffness that reduces range of motion
  • Tenderness at the base of your neck (or another specific area)
  • Sharp, stabbing, localized neck pain
  • Pain when turning your neck or head in a certain direction
  • Neck pain that seems to “travel” to your head, shoulders, arms, or fingers
  • Tingling or numbness that travels to other body parts
  • Headaches

This pain may develop gradually, get worse over time, or only appear at certain times. Untreated neck pain may eventually make it difficult to sleep, work, and function altogether, so we take our mission to diagnose and treat it very seriously.

Common Causes of Neck Pain in Fountain Valley

Your symptoms and exam will tell your chiropractor more about the possible causes of your neck pain. Our ultimate goal is to figure out why your neck is hurting, because this allows us to develop treatment techniques that correct the problem. So, what actually causes neck pain?

Poor Posture or Ergonomics – If your spine isn’t aligned properly when you sleep, sit at your desk, or stand up, you could be subjecting the discs and tissue in your neck to abnormal pressure

Neck Strains – Many types of accidents, from sports injuries to heavy lifting, can cause repetitive or sudden tears in the neck ligaments and muscles

Whiplash – Even minor car accidents and falls can cause this common neck injury, which describes the tearing and trauma that results from abrupt jerking of the upper body; our chiropractic whiplash treatment includes adjustments and decompression to promote healing and correct alignment

How Our Fountain Valley Chiropractor Relieves Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is an all-natural way to thoroughly diagnose and treat your neck pain. We customize our pain relief methods for every patient, but chiropractic adjustments are the most common neck pain treatment, because they correct spinal misalignment to promote healing and circulation. Your chiropractor in Fountain Valley may also use therapeutic massage to reduce tissue inflammation, or spinal decompression to release built-up fluid and tension in the spine.

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