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The neck & Back Pain Specialists have done terrific job of helping me overcome a reoccurring lower back problem that caused me enough pain to disrupt my everyday life.

The staff and doctors did a great job covering all aspects of my recovery and maintenance to ensure that I no longer have to face this pain and discomfort.

 - Vincent Lombard

On 2/16/08 I could not move much and I certainly could not lift anything due to the pain in my right leg and lower back.

I found Dr. Balta in the phone book, I got an appointment that morning. Relief started right after the first day. He was not in any hurry to get me in and out. He took time to find out about not just my pain but also about me.

 - Susan Leisch

I had never been in any chiropractor office for all my life and was careless about my skeleton, my back. Always being proud of my general health. one day, a crucial pain suddenly started on my lower back and seemed to get worse quickly in a couple of days, that prevented me from all normal functions, especially walking. The pain was so bad but the mental fear was even worse! Fear of something really wrong with my back! Then I came to Dr. Balta and Voung Office. They quickly thoroughly examined, found the problem and put me on a treatment process. In only 2-3 sessions my pain had disappeared. I now feel better and more educated about chiropractic health. Cant say enough to express my appreciation to the dedicated professionals. Their care to patients has come down to a personal level which makes me enjoy going there every time.

 - Tan D. Bui

I did not think that chiropractic adjustments were going to help with my considerable problems. Thanks to the professionals attention and treatment I was proven wrong. I feel much better.

 - Terry Ingham

Im feeling much better since I started chiropractic care. I originally was tight, tense in my lower back. After a hard day at work, I was also having some difficulty getting a full night rest. Now I sleep regularly, and I am feeling much better in a remarkably short period of time. The most amazing part was that I didnt have to change my life to do it. I still work, and go to the gym as normal. I recommend chiropractic care to any active adult with pain.

- John A Lozano

Before I decided to stop by NBPS at my local gym, I thought I thought I had to live with and deal with my neck and back pain. I figured that a chiropractor would discourage me from maintaining the active lifestyle I maintain. On the contrary, NBPS helped me relieve the pain and discomfort and allow me to enjoy my activities more so. I am now constantly referring friends and coworkers to chiropractic care so they can enjoy a more pain free and full life.

Thanks N.B.P.S

 - Daniel Martinez Jr.

We value our patients' experience at Neck & Back Pain Specialists. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "my visit to the chiropractor
    Staff was very professional! I felt great after my first visit."
  • "Feelimg good already!
    Amazing how I feel in just a few sessions already. I'll definitely keep going to see Dr. Balta and staff."
    Jeff A.

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