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At Neck & Back Pain Specialists, we are here to help you heal and get back to living an active and pain-free life. With various treatments including non-surgical spinal decompression, your Fountain Valley chiropractor can help relieve back and neck pain associated with disc-related problems. Dr. Ed Balta and our chiropractic care team frequently prescribe the following treatments:

• Non-surgical spinal decompression (as opposed to surgical options such as laminectomy and microdiscectomy)
• Rapid release technique
• Therapeutic massage
• Laser therapy
• Weight loss consultations
• Decompression machine
• Class IV laser

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Like most chiropractic patients experiencing disc-related back pain, you probably want to try to avoid invasive surgery and extended use of pain-relief medications. Dr. Balta understands and agrees with this approach. Our non-surgical spinal decompression treatment plan with our chiropractor in Fountain Valley may be just what you have in mind for lasting pain relief.

Nonsurgical spinal decompression is the practice of stretching the spine to relieve back pain. Our chiropractic team will use a traction table or another mechanical or motorized device to stretch your spine in the safest and most controlled way possible. Whether you are suffering from neck, back or leg pain, this type of therapy may help you. Most patients frequently end a session feeling relaxed, noting a decrease in pain.

The theory behind the success of non-surgical spinal decompression is that the spinal decompression process creates a negative intradiscal pressure. With this, there is simply a more natural amount of space between the discs

What Does Spinal Decompression Treat?

Between each bone in your vertebrae is a small rubbery cushion, which is most commonly known as a disc. Together, this combination makes up your spinal column. Often compared to a small jelly doughnut, each disc is soft inside with a tougher exterior. Patients suffering from one of three common disc injuries benefit most from spinal decompression:

A Herniated Disc. When the soft interior, or jelly, becomes ruptured and starts to squeeze through its exterior, patients experience a herniated disc.

A Bulging Disc. Occurring most commonly in the lower back, a bulging disc when a disc slips out of position. The incorrect placement can eventually lead to a herniated disc.

A Pinched Nerve. Also known as a compressed nerve, a pinched nerve can cause inflammation in your spine.

How Is Spinal Decompression Used by Your Chiropractor in Fountain Valley?

Our chiropractor in Fountain Valley will ask you to lie on the traction table, fully clothed, while wearing a harness on your upper body. The table will move back and forth, allowing for the spinal decompression.

Visit Your Fountain Valley Chiropractor to Discuss Spinal Decompression

Our Fountain Valley chiropractor also serving Santa Ana and Costa Mesa can help ease your neck pain, back pain, or leg pain with the use of spinal decompression. Give us a call (714) 968-4446 today to learn more and to make an appointment!

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